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Bastrop's Premier Hub for Health and Wellness 

Welcome to the Bastrop Fitness Project - Your Path to a Healthier You!

Unlock the power of choice and take control of your wellness experience at The Bastrop Fitness Project (BFP). No more paying for services you don't need or use. With our à la carte model, you have the autonomy to curate your path to well-being, ensuring every step aligns perfectly with your goals.


At (BFP), we believe that a vibrant and fulfilling life begins with taking care of your body and mind. We are a dynamic collective of health and wellness businesses, dedicated to empowering you on your journey to optimal well-being. Our diverse range of services includes a top-notch gym, pilates studio, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu studio, recovery room, cafe, juice & smoothie bar, acupuncture & herbal medicine, chiropractic care, massage therapy, and a children's play center. Whatever your unique health goals, we have the expertise and facilities to cater to your individual needs.

We understand life can get busy, and health often takes a back seat.

Time Crunch?
No Problem!

We know how hectic life can be, & finding time for self-care can feel impossible. With our flexible schedules and a variety of services, including drop-in care for your kiddos, you can easily integrate health & wellness into your daily routine. Whether you prefer a quick workout, a relaxing massage, or a refreshing smoothie, we have options that fit your busy lifestyle.

Strength or Weight Goals?
Let's Crush them Together!

Whether you're looking to build muscle or shed some pounds, our diverse fitness and wellness services are designed to cater to your specific goals. Our expert trainers and coaches are passionate about helping you become stronger and more confident.


Unsure Where to Start?
We've Got Your Back.

Embarking on a health and fitness journey can be overwhelming. That's why our experienced team of professionals is here to guide you every step of the way. From personalized training sessions to customized wellness plans, we'll help you chart a course to success.

Stressed Out?
Find Your Zen at BFP!

We understand the toll that stress can take on your well-being. Our serene environment, combined with a range of relaxation therapies like massage, acupuncture, and herbal medicine can help you find you inner peace.

When it comes to health and wellness, BFP is the go-to destination in Bastrop. We take pride in our community of businesses, each excelling in their respective fields. Together, we create an unparalleled collective focused on your well-being.

BFP is not an all-inclusive membership –  You only pay for the services you choose to use. This means you have the freedom to tailor your wellness experience to suit your preferences, and it's all about you!

So, take the first step toward a healthier, happier you and become a part of  Bastrop Fitness Project today. Let's embark on this transformative journey together!

Our Collective of Businesses

What People Say

The Bastrop Fitness Project is changing the fitness scene in Bastrop by focusing on holistic health through partnership.

Athan Schindler, Co-Founder



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